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Russia based company Global Report (GR) provides media monitoring and consulting services in the field of media research in 20 languages covering more than 100 countries.


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We offer our clients a wide range of information products including traditional and social media monitoring, press clipping, reviews, topical and news digests, information card of the day, industry research, benchmark analysis and reputation audits and pre-diligence check.

The Way

 We Do It

To solve non-standard tasks and to develop new customized products for the clients as well as to meet modern standards of high quality, a network of skillful experts with professional knowledge of languages and local expertise are employed.


By combining an individual approach to customers and analysts’ rich experience the company is able to launch new projects in a short time providing information support as well as research services.


Media and other public information sources monitoring (blogs, online resources of various organizations and agencies, etc.) is a corner stone for GR products that are enhanced by extensive use of local and international subscription-based aggregators providing access to hundred thousand sources of global media in multiple languages (print editions, news agencies, online media, trade publications, etc.)


Quantitative and qualitative content analysis of the news data flow is provided including: analysis of the customer reputation (volume and favorability) in the local and International media; monitoring of negative/positive issues, discovering crisis situations and events that could be used as a newsbreak for further media coverage.



GR Products

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Our products serve as a unique tool to enhance the potential of public relations and press-services, marketing departments as well as to set a ground for managerial decisions. Monitoring and other information and analytical reports could be instrumental for Public Relations, Media Relations, Government Relations and Investor Relations practices.


Since 2011 Global Report has been honored by American and British media and consulting companies to perform as outsourced contractor to cover media monitoring and analysis tasks for a wide range of private and state run entities.


Among the customers of Global Report are the largest Russian and foreign companies, banks, public and political associations, financial and industrial groups.



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